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  • in its history with the consolidation of the global General Motors account, which it already held in Europe. A series of subsequent wins allowed Carat to move up into 5th place overall among global media
  • Parliament sided with Boot, ruling that general stores should be allowed to dispense medicines provided there was a qualified chemist on the premises. The First World War gave the company a major boost,
  • New York agency elite at the end of 2009 by winning GM's prestigious Cadillac account, only to have the business cruelly taken away after only six months in June 2010 following a change in GM's management
  • not least a minority stake in Renault Samsung Motors. Cheil Communications is Korea's largest marketing services group. Samsung C&T Corporation is Korea's largest trading business (revenues of $16.9bn
  • a long-standing joint venture in the US with General Motors, known as NUMMI, which makes passenger cars for Toyota and light trucks for GM, was discontinued during 2009, and was sold the following year.
  • to cede 4th place to the next biggest manufacturer GM. Performance, especially in South Korea, has been dented by a succession of strikes by the country's notoriously outspoken labour unions. Hyundai
  • and is one of the main suppliers to General Motors' Chevrolet Volt electric vehicle, which launched in 2010. Sales for 2016 were KWon 20.7 trillion (approx $18bn). A separate unit, LG Life Sciences, develops
  • Mitsubishi Motors and Mazda. In all those cases, however, the Japanese company was already part-owned by a Western company.) However, Stringer struggled to get to grips with the full range of problems
  • For many years, FHI was one of General Motors' key partners in Asia, and the US company accumulated a shareholding of just over 20%. In 2005, however, GM ended the relationship, and sold its shares. Just
  • Nissan in general tends to specialise in passenger cars and pick-ups, but is boosting its presence in the light commercial segment with several new launches. It has vowed to become the world's leading

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