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  • In the past, the undeniable motor of the business has been securities trading and investment, which until the 2008 crash tended to account for the largest share of both revenues and profits. The company
  • with PepsiCo agreeing to buy out GM's 40% stake for around $750m. However Pillsbury, Green Giant, Betty Crocker and Old El Paso all have significant presence in the worldwide market, as does best-selling
  • had been literally years of on-off negotiations with General Motors, News Corporation agreed a deal to purchase the controlling stake in Hughes Corporation. News Corp transferred its ownership of Hughes
  • no less affected by this seismic change than rivals General Motors and Chrysler. However, by that point, it was already in the later stages of an advanced restructuring initiated as a result of an earlier
  • year later to allow Fallon to accept the account of GM's Cadillac, seen by the agency as a more suitable follow-up to its work with BMW. It was serviced out of a new office in Detroit. However Cadillac
  • then the first vice president of General Motors Corporation in charge of production. But Chrysler didn't get on with GM president William C Durant, and in 1920 he resigned. In his time with Buick, he'
  • It also held onto a key position on the GM roster, adding the Saturn marque in 2007 although that assignment ended in 2009 following GM's restructuring. Performance has continued to improve steadily
  • American Express, AT&T and General Motors collectively accounted for almost two-thirds of Digitas's revenues in 1998, and the agency began aggressively targeting new clients following its flotation in
  • a private foundation, until its sale to General Motors nine years later. GM was already heavily involved in aerospace projects. During World War II, the company's Delco Electronics division had won government
  • Gamble, General Motors and M&M Mars. This was matched by a gradual shrinking of the D'Arcy network as peripheral offices became unproductive. In 1998, Gateway Computers transferred its $70m account, forcing

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