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  • especially the biggest issues by the likes of General Motors or General Electric. Later the company moved into brokerage and began to establish itself as a global investment bank during the 1970s with
  • sales slumped dramatically as a result of the general downturn in the telecoms market, combined with increased competition from US rivals Texas Instruments and Qualcomm. Motorola spun off the entire division
  • because of the work it was already doing in Germany for GM's Opel subsidiary. Yet to the industry at large it was clear why Harper was prepared to drop Chrysler: the prospect of adding other General Motors
  • The company's Career Car program is now GM's single biggest fleet car customer - there are more than 10,000 pink Cadillacs, Pontiacs and other cars within the company's worldwide incentives program).
  • Hired by General Motors and transplanted to Detroit, MacManus worked on several of the car giant's brands, but his biggest success was with Cadillac, which he carefully positioned as the standard for
  • Burnett strengthened its hold on key client General Motors in 1967 by acquiring Detroit agency DP Brother & Co, who handled GM's' Oldsmobile brand. Other key developments were the acquisition in 1969
  • 633m. The group's largest client (probably GM) accounted for 4% of revenues in 2016, or $315m. Interpublic reported a strong close to 2017, with organic growth of 3.3%. That was considerably better than
  • Intel Core is now the name for general desktop processors. Several generations of this unit have been launched since then, each with more sophisticated functionality. The 8th generation was introduced
  • the Chevrolet creative account from the revitalised General Motors in 2010, and its subsequent retention following a review. Goodby Silverstein was the main US component within the Commonwealth global
  • Daniel Berce is CEO of GM Financial. See Account Assignments for General Motors marketing decisionmakers. Background The bankruptcy of General Motors in 2009 brought to a close just over 100 years

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