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  • pressure from low price but stylish chain stores such as Gap and mass merchandisers led by Wal-Mart. Department stores, which were by far Claiborne's biggest customer base, were hardest hit and passed
  • The former H&M and Gap executive had been recruited by chairman and namesake Lauren to reignite performance. However, said Lauren, they had "different views on how to evolve the creative and consumer-
  • closing the gap with market leader Coca-Cola, which has 980k machines. Other companies, such as Asahi, Kirin and DyDo Drinco each have between 250k and 280k machines. Subscribe to to
  • lost their jobs and thousands more were left with a gaping £570m hole in their pension fund. The tycoon, who had at the time just taken delivery of his second multi-million pound super-yacht, was put
  • the group recruited former Gap creative officer Lisa Schultz to reinvent instore merchandising and the general product range in 2003. (She is now EVP, apparel design across the whole Sears Holdings portfolio)
  • closing the gap with AT&T and Verizon. T-Mobile has promised not to raise its prices for three years and to roll-out a national 5G service by 2022. Despite federal approval, though, the separate lawsuit
  • though the addition of Opel and Vauxhall narrows the gap more than a little. The group's next biggest market is now Germany, with 371k registrations in 2017. Opel accounted for around two-thirds of that
  • advantage as a host of local companies rushed to fill the gap in the market, especially outside France. Perrier struggled to regain its market dominance. Even before the benzene scare, its biggest still
  • and this segment is now far bigger, with the gap between the segments continuing to widen each year. By 2009, however, there was evidence that Tide's US market share had come under considerable pressure
  • though Lenovo closed the gap slightly as a result of its newly minted joint venture with Fujitsu of Japan. Dell remains 3rd, while Apple showed the weakest year-on-year growth (of just 0.1%) in 4th place.

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