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  • Fashion group PVH named former Adidas and Gap marketer Alegra O'Hare as global chief marketing officer of the Tommy Hilfiger brand, based out of the Netherlands. O'Hare replaces Michael Scheiner, who
  • widening the gap with HP to more than two percentage points, from a little over one in 2020. Market watcher IDC estimated Lenovo's global share at 23.5% to 21.2% for HP. Dell, Apple, Acer and Asus retained
  • A new appointment at the revolving door that is Gap Inc's marketing department. Ana Andjelic was named as chief brand officer of Banana Republic. The role has been vacant since Mary Alderete moved across
  • advertising with McCann Erickson threatened to leave a gaping hole in McGarryBowen's portfolio. Undaunted, the agency plugged that gap with new wins from Kraft and Walt Disney, and John McGarry's persistence
  • There are some notable gaps within the company's global footprint (Latin America, for example, and now France, the US and China, where it has no direct presence) but these are exceptions to the general
  • As a result, the group rapidly closed the gap with arch-rival Coles in the first half of the decade, finally overtaking its traditional competitor at the end of 2006. It has maintained its lead ever since,
  • 1 in PCs in 2007, and closing the gap with IBM in IT services by buying consultancy EDS in 2008. Yet Hurd too was unceremoniously dismissed in 2010. So was his successor less than a year later, after
  • Despite rising gas prices, that gap has continued to widen and the company now sells almost twice as many trucks & utility SUV vehicles as passenger cars. Even so, it's worth noting that Ford was quicker
  • Instead it has concentrated on filling out gaps in its coverage with highly selective purchases of niche players. Despite the lack of any major acquisitions, Omnicom's overall revenues have continued
  • Original core agency Asatsu closed the gap a little as a result of a 1999 takeover of Dai-Ichi Kikaku, then the #7 agency, now the DK in ADK. Shortly afterwards, the company forged a strategic alliance

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