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  • Gap's hard-pressed Banana Republic chain bade farewell to global president Andi Owen. Her successor has yet to be named. In the UK, Tesco appointed its first inhouse head of media, poaching Mindshare
  • to $4.8bn, closing the gap with Pizza Hut (up only 3% at $5.8bn) and well ahead of Little Caesars ($3.5bn) and Papa John's ($2.8bn). However, the sector is widely fragmented, with small chains and independents
  • on $8.4bn - for the first time ever. That gap narrowed significantly in 2012, with Wendy's at $8.60bn and Burger King rebounding to $8.59bn. Technomic put Burger King back in the lead for 2014. By the
  • gradually closing the gap with Interbank during the 1970s. In 1974, Americard followed Interbank into the international market. However customers outside the US didn't take to the BankAmericard name,
  • and this segment is now far bigger, with the gap between the segments continuing to widen each year. By 2009, however, there was evidence that Tide's US market share had come under considerable pressure
  • weight has failed to help Adidas group narrow that gap further, and if anything it has continued to fall behind the leader. By 2014, SportsOneSource estimated Reebok's share of the US market to have slumped
  • however, in a generally falling US market, the gap has widened slightly not narrowed. According to Beverage Digest research for 2009, Pepsi-Cola had 9.9% share of the all-channel retail CSD market by
  • has invested heavily in recent years to narrow the gap with sector leader Del Monte. Nestle acquired independently owned Waggin Train dog snacks in 2010, Zuke's in 2014 and Merrick natural and organic
  • Yet still the gap between Anheuser and its tow competitors appeared dauntingly wide. Coors' own operations had undergone a considerable rebirth during the decade through two transformational acquisitions
  • customer service meant that it rapidly closed the gap on its rival, overtaking Master Charge by 1979. That year, Interbank rebranded once again, changing both its own name and that of its main product

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