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  • It continues to make smaller purchases to fill in gaps in its portfolio; for example of OTC pain relief cream and gel range BioFreeze in 2021. Yet the acquisition fever, and resulting waves of restructuring,
  • 2.1bn). One gaping hole in its otherwise strong vaccine portfolio is product to fight Covid. Merck scrapped its main contender in that field in early 2021 after disappointing test results and instead
  • it concentrated on merely filling out gaps in its already broad coverage with highly selective purchases of niche players. Despite the lack of any major acquisitions, Omnicom's overall revenues continued
  • IBM closed the gap with Microsoft during 2002, agreeing to acquire Rational software development tools, for $2.1bn. More recently the group has mounted a series of further acquisitions. In 2005 it agreed
  • 181bn and $142bn respectively, a gap of more than $60bn separates Apple and Google from any other brands. Coca-Cola remains among the top five, but was pushed out of the #3 slot by Microsoft and is also
  • though Lenovo closed the gap slightly as a result of its newly minted joint venture with Fujitsu of Japan. Dell remains 3rd, while Apple showed the weakest year-on-year growth (of just 0.1%) in 4th place.
  • A deal for Whole Foods would narrow that gap a little, and also widen Albertsons' exposure to high-end customers, but could prove quite a stretch financially. A successful offer would probably need to
  • on $8.4bn - for the first time ever. That gap narrowed significantly in 2012, with Wendy's at $8.60bn and Burger King rebounding to $8.59bn. Technomic put Burger King back in the lead for 2014. By the
  • explosion of three-dimensional modern dance plugs a gap of sorts, even if it bears some similarity to past such spots for Guinness (also from AMV BBDO) and from BBH for Diageo stablemate Baileys. Remember
  • valuation gap". In other words, they don't believe the business is worth what Time Inc thinks it is. Rival publisher Meredith is still said to be considering a bid. Simon Tesler Publisher, Adbrands

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