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  • The deal also includes UK distributor Percy Fox, which also manages third party brands. The group manages a small portfolio of sports sponsorships. Beringer has a partnership with a collection of Major
  • Walt Disney  CCTV 21st Century Fox Verizon CBS  Mediaset iHeartMedia  Discovery Communications Microsoft  TEGNA Bertelsmann  ITV Viacom  ProSieben.Sat1 Time Warner  Sinclair
  • but MGM pulled out in 2001, aligning itself with Fox instead. Despite fears that UIP might face restrictions from EU monopoly regulators, or that Universal would pull out in order to expand its UPI network,
  • previously chief operations officer) and Nick Fox (chief client officer) launched their own start-up in 2012 under the name Atomic London. Chief strategy officer Lucy Jameson joined Grey for several years
  • 379m $394m $315m $299m $302m 147 Fox Corporation 63 $558m $425m $388m $392m 148 McDonald's Corporation 64 366m $389m $533m $646m $719m 149 Match Group 439m $389m $386m 150
  • president of theatrical marketing at 20th Century Fox until its acquisition by Disney, and before that CMO at HBO. More recently she served as CMO of digital platform 22nd Jun 2022: Amazon
  • 36 21st Century Fox 17 2,300m $2,200m $2,400m $2,600m 37 Coty 1,344m $1,900m $2,206m $1,883m $968m $1,008m 38 Capital One 1,610m $2,274m $2,174m $1,670m $1,811m $1,744m 39
  • Motorway UK media n/s OMD Fox's Confectionery UK media n/s Spark Foundry MyState Bank Australia media n/s CHE Proximity Reviews Account territory type est billings incumbent
  • has been the poorer than expected performance by the Fox movie division. Disney's own movie business was enhanced over the summer by the spectacular success of The Lion King, Toy Story 4 and Aladdin.
  • 2bn in billings. That includes the Disney, Fox, Pixar, Marvel and other movie studios as well as ABC, ESPN and other broadcast and cable strands. A new dedicated agency, OMG23, is being created to manage

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