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  • An offer from 21st Century Fox was declined in 2015. A year later, Time Warner accepted a bid from AT&T valuing the business at $85.4bn. That deal was opposed by the US Justice Department for reasons
  • after two years distribution was moved back to Fox. Sony and other shareholders of MGM were wiped out by the studio's bankruptcy in 2010. The group's main home entertainment unit is Sony Pictures Home
  • production deal with News Corporation's 20th Century Fox), Braveheart, Forrest Gump, Beverly Hills Cop, Mission: Impossible and the Godfather, Indiana Jones and Star Trek franchises. In the early 2000s,
  • the old parent company now trades as 21st Century Fox. Murdoch turned 85 in 2016, yet he still maintains direct personal control over all aspects of his wide-ranging empire, even if day-to-day responsibility
  • top news anchor Megyn Kelly away from cable rival Fox News in 2017. She has yet to prove her worth for NBC. NBC's long-established reputation as the leader in sports coverage remains unchanged by any
  • Littman, Fox's and Barclay. The Kroger portfolio was until recently rounded out with 784 convenience store outlets under different regional banners, including Tom Thumb, Turkey Hill, Loaf 'N Jug and
  • this time to 20th Century Fox, just prior to its acquisition by Rupert Murdoch. There he oversaw the creation of a new broadcasting division, replicating the success he had already enjoyed at ABC to establish
  • 21st Century Fox : company profile Profile subscribers click here for full profile Fox Corporation is the new name for what is left of 21st Century Fox, following the sale of the 20th Century Fox movie
  • became an effective subsidiary of News Corporation's Fox Entertainment Group. As competition from cable broadcasters became increasingly intense mid-decade, Murdoch began moves to offload DirecTV once
  • Comcast intervened in a plan by 21st Century Fox to sell the bulk of its entainment assets to Walt Disney. After several months of wrangling, Comcast withdrew from the main contest to focus its efforts

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