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  • is that Canada represented by loggers and Michael J Fox's character Teen Wolf? These were just four of the great ads we saw this week. Remember that you can now see all the ads that caught our eye every
  • If and when its acquisition of most of 21st Century Fox goes through, Disney will become the majority owner of Hulu (with 60% of equity) as well as of Sky in Europe and Star of India. The big question
  • Universal ranked #3 at $1.5bn while 20th Century Fox had $1.3bn. Sony, Lions Gate and Paramount held the next three places. However, the biggest contributing factor in the numbers was the record highs
  • which currently offers a range of cable channels from Fox, Comcast and Disney in selected US cities. T-Mobile aims to expand the service's footprint nationally to its existing mobile and broadband subscribers
  • Walt Disney re-opened talks with 21st Century Fox regarding the acquisition of a collection of assets including the Fox movie studio, the Star TV satellite broadcast business in India and a controlling
  • of Disney's reported approach for the 21st Century Fox has effectively raised an "in play" sign over Fox's filmed entertainment and non-news cable assets. Like sharks scenting blood in the water, Comcast,
  • supporters of America's political left and right over Fox News coverage continues to increase. It's hard to see (and worrying to imagine) where this escalation will end. Left-wing group Media Matters
  • revealed that Disney has made an approach to 21st Century Fox to acquire that group's filmed entertainment studio, back catalogue and some of its cable channels, as well controlling stakes in two additional
  • of the Labour Party renewed calls for 21st Century Fox's buyout of satellite broadcaster Sky to be blocked in the light of the latest reports emerging in connection with former Fox News anchor Bill O'
  • Mars Skittles "Bitesize Horror: Floor 9.5" by Fox TV / Toby Meakins & Simon Allen Nike "Want It All" by Wieden & Kennedy LeasePlan "What's Next" by Etcetera Amsterdam LA Metro "Metro Manners: Aisle

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