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  • It relinquished that position back to Fox in 2019/20, but has remained #2 in total viewers behind CBS. The network averaged 5.2m total prime time viewers for the 2020/21 season but all numbers across
  • More negative headlines for 21st Century Fox, with the dismissal of another senior executive, this time at Fox Sports 1. No specific reasons were given for the sudden departure of programming chief Jamie
  • Walt Disney re-opened talks with 21st Century Fox regarding the acquisition of a collection of assets including the Fox movie studio, the Star TV satellite broadcast business in India and a controlling
  • top news anchor Megyn Kelly away from cable rival Fox News in 2017. She has yet to prove her worth for NBC. NBC's long-established reputation as the leader in sports coverage remains unchanged by any
  • Its only miss was in 2008 when it lost to Fox as a result of the huge success of 'American Idol'). Even so, CBS's average prime-time audience of 9.0m viewers was down by 7% on last year. NBC was close
  • especially from fast expanding Fox. The company was involved with protracted talks to merge the news division with Time Warner's CNN during 2002, but the negotiations ended without a deal. ABC Daytime
  • Comcast threw down the gauntlet to 21st Century Fox and Disney with a formal offer to acquire European satellite broadcaster Sky for £22bn. That's a significant premium to the offer from Fox, which is
  • In an intriguing new development in the Fox-Sky takeover saga, Comcast announced a plan to buy the European satellite broadcaster outright for £22.1bn (almost $31bn), a significant increase on Sky's
  • which currently offers a range of cable channels from Fox, Comcast and Disney in selected US cities. T-Mobile aims to expand the service's footprint nationally to its existing mobile and broadband subscribers
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