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  • Instead the partnership between designer Tom Ford and businessman Domenico de Sole restored glamour and prestige to the business after years of neglect. However, the mercurial success of the business
  • behind Ford and Honda. It reported shipments of 4.74m vehicles in 2017, up marginally on the previous year. Though legally incorporated in the Netherlands, its main administrative office is located in
  • They received significant backing from Y&R client Ford who refused to sanction a deal with Publicis, whose clients include Renault and GM. In June 2000 Publicis wielded its chequebook once more with the
  • Renault overtook Ford in 2010 to become the #2 manufacturer in Europe behind Volkswagen. It fell back into third place in 2012. The Renault brand also has a growing presence in the Euromed region (comprising
  • Despite the arrival of American competitors Ford and General Motors, Peugeot was the world's biggest motor manufacturer right up until the First World War. At around the same time, Andre Citroen was
  • its customers include GM as well as Ford, Toyota as well as Nissan and Mitsubishi, and Renault as well as PSA. Revenues rose by 13% in 2008 to €2.9bn, of which around half was generated by cars and
  • and in 1987 took control of Ford's local operation in Argentina to form Autolatina. In 1990, it took up the remaining stake in Seat and spent £3.8bn buying and modernizing Czech manufacturer Skoda. In
  • VW ranks 3rd behind Ford and Vauxhall, with 207k units. For a while, Russia was shaping up to threaten the UK's position as the brand's most significant European market after Germany. However sales there
  • of being overtaken in the passenger car segment by Ford, now only 4,000 units behind. (Ford is already bigger by total volumes with 284k units including commercial vehicles). Opel's top-seller was the
  • attract interest from foreign manufacturers such as Ford and General Motors but with little success. Rescue came from industrial heir Herbert Quandt. His father Guenther had acquired Varta, the German

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