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  • Belding was one of several agencies invited by the Ford Motor Company to compete for the business of a new experimental model it was developing. After a feverish pitch, Foote Cone & Belding was awarded
  • quickly built up a prestigious portfolio which included Ford Motor's Lincoln Mercury division. Although it later lost that account it picked up near-bust Chrysler instead in 1979, and hit upon the idea
  • but was trumped when Ford (which acquired the Land Rover business in 1999) exercised an existing option to match any other offer for the brand name. Until its demise, MG Rover was the UK's last remaining
  • including Ford cars and Birds Eye frozen foods. Among the many brands to benefit from CDP's golden touch in the 1960s and 1970s were Olympus cameras, Benson & Hedges cigarettes and Hamlet cigars. Key
  • PSA Groupe (€63m) Ford (€34m) Mutua Madrilena (€58m) Securitas Direct (€33m) Seat (€49m) Fiat Chrysler (€33m) Renault Espana (€47m) Opel (€33m) Source: Infoadex Spain'
  • Bell Canada  Ford Restaurant Brands International  George Weston Provincial Government Lotteries  Ford Dealers Association Source: GroupM/Nielsen Canada's Top Advertising Agencies Interbrand'
  • local outpost of WPP's global Blue Hive network for Ford. In 2010, the group acquired Canadian creative boutique Taxi, which also has offices in the US and the Netherlands. In 2015, in a surprise development,
  • Ford and Chrysler was sold in 2006 for around $1bn to German tire and car-parts manufacturer Continental. Background Motorola has a long history in mobile communications. In 1928, Paul Galvin and his
  • The group has a strategic alliance with Ford Motor Company to promote each other's products, and sponsors two enthusiasts groups, Harley Owners Group (or HOG) with around 1m members worldwide. River's
  • including the mammoth IPO of Ford in 1956. In the 1980s, with corporate America under attack from leveraged buyout raids funded by other investment banks, Goldman was one of the few major banks to side

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