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  • Ford and Nissan also closed some operations in Europe, mainly in Spain. Adbrands Daily Update 16th Mar 2020: Apple was the first major retailer to announce the closure of its global retail network in
  • Ford Retail Group UK media n/s MediaVest UK media 4m M/Six Havas Media All rights reserved © Mind Advertising Ltd 1998-2015
  • total or partial losses of major accounts including Ford, Volkswagen and GSK. Like-for-like revenues less pass-through costs fell by 2.8%, the group's worst performance since 2009. The main culprit was
  • addition to her already bulging endorsement portfolio is Ford's luxury marque Lincoln. This rather handsome spot broke last night during the Grammys; thus its strong musical theme. Longtime WPP agency
  • Adbrands Daily Update 24th Jan 2019: Ford will effectively quit the Russian passenger car sector with a scaling back of its current joint venture with local company Sollers, prompted by continuing weak
  • Ford "The Future is Built" by Wieden & Kennedy New York >Tele2 "Limited" by Akestam Holst Some brilliantly funny historical vignettes here in Wieden & Kennedy London's new campaign for challenger
  • marketing director and recruited the former Apple and Ford marketer Musa Tariq as head of marketing & experiences. The position of CMO remains empty following the departure of Jonathan Mildenhall last
  • PlatformGSK. A few days later, Ford announced the results of its own review. All worldwide marketing has for years been handled by WPP agencies, latterly through a dedicated unit Global Team Blue. WPP
  • With the global Ford marketing review still ongoing, Wieden & Kennedy moved into pole position with a project-based assignment that will run in the US in October. It would be W&K's first work for Ford,
  • Ford said they too had been contacted but declined his proposal. Cohen appears to have made himself made a small fortune in the process - he was paid $600,000 by AT&T and an astonishing $1.2m by Novartis.

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