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  • Despite the arrival of American competitors Ford and General Motors, Peugeot was the world's biggest motor manufacturer right up until the First World War. At around the same time, Andre Citroen was
  • increase. Ford held second place with a total of 2.59m deliveries, also down 1%. The Ford brand's 2.51m units were led by the F-series pickup, which marked its 36th year as America's best-selling model.
  • Instead the partnership between designer Tom Ford and businessman Domenico de Sole restored glamour and prestige to the business after years of neglect. However, the mercurial success of the business
  • as usual, as the #2 brand in the US behind Ford, and ahead of Toyota. Recent increases in sales in the US came despite the widely publicised role that Chevrolet vehicles in general played in a defect
  • Ford reported strong results for 2015, with revenues climbing by 4% to $149.6bn. Pretax profits hit a record high of $10.8bn, but a large tax charge and other one-off items resulted in net income of $
  • In other marketer moves, Ford named Mark LaNeve, a former marketing chief at GM and Allstate, as its new SVP, US sales, marketing & service. LaNeve left GM after its bankruptcy filing in 2009 to join
  • US giants Ford and Chevrolet maintain their positions at #3 and #4, but Chevrolet suffered a near-5% decline to 4.79m, compared with Ford's 1% climb to 5.81m. Chevrolet's slump, the result of its withdrawal
  • local outpost of WPP's global Blue Hive network for Ford. In 2010, the group acquired Canadian creative boutique Taxi, which also has offices in the US and the Netherlands. In 2015, in a surprise development,
  • company became increasingly intertwined with US giant Ford. The American car maker took effective control of its Japanese partner in 1996, and assisted in a complete restructuring of the business in 2000
  • Ford was eventually selected as the preferred buyer, with a bid of $6.8bn, and was granted exclusive negotiating rights until the end of August 2000 to finalize its purchase. But just before expiry of

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