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  • Ford's UK chairman & managing director Mark Ovenden is returning to Russia to head up the Ford Sollers joint venture. Ovenden headed Ford Russia before moving to the UK. he is replaced at Ford of Britain
  • previously US marketing director for Ford, was appointed as CEO of FordDirect, the digital marketing and advertising joint venture between the motor manufacturer and its US dealers. It's not clear whether
  • PlatformGSK. A few days later, Ford announced the results of its own review. All worldwide marketing has for years been handled by WPP agencies, latterly through a dedicated unit Global Team Blue. WPP
  • After several rather unhappy years within the Ford portfolio, they were acquired in 2008 by Tata Group of India, a huge conglomerate with interests in numerous sectors including low cost trucks and passenger
  • 1.44m vehicles, making it the #3 brand behind Ford and Toyota. Despite the general slump, sales of the Silverado pick-up - America's long-established #2 auto - actually rose to 587k units. It was the
  • With the global Ford marketing review still ongoing, Wieden & Kennedy moved into pole position with a project-based assignment that will run in the US in October. It would be W&K's first work for Ford,
  • Raj Nair, president of Ford Motors in North America and a 30-year veteran of the company, has been dismissed following allegations of "inappropriate behaviour" brought to the company's attention by a
  • brand somewhere between mass-market Ford or Chevrolet and lower end luxury models produced by BMW or Audi. Chang "Jay" Jae Joon succeeded Lee Won-Hee as CEO in 2020. Global sales peaked at almost 5.0m
  • 4 manufacturer by US sales, behind GM, Ford and Toyota. Some way behind was Canada (where FCA was the #2 manufacturer behind Ford with 278k vehicles), followed by Mexico (the #8 manufacturer with 88k)
  • the partners in WPP's Team Detroit entity serving Ford. The Los Angeles offices downgraded from full agency to service office during 2006 and was later closed. Like stablemate Ogilvy, JWT promiseda

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