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  • rise of social network and video-sharing sites such Facebook and YouTube. Partly as a result, MTV has evolved from its original content format into a youth-oriented lifestyle network where music videos
  • with easy one-click access to Facebook and MySpace. In a further departure from its more conservative past, the group unveiled a line of snowsports apparel, including O Rokr sunglasses, produced in partnership
  • Microsoft has attempted to keep pace with Facebook and other rivals with a string of high-priced - but often ill-fated - acquisitions including internet advertising giant aQuantive, online phone service
  • Mattel and Hasbro joined forces to try to stop Facebook from making an unauthorised software version of Scrabble available to its users. (Mattel has international rights to the Scrabble brand). Last
  • significant of these was in social networking service Facebook. In summer 2011, IPG sold half of its shares in Facebook, originally acquired in 2006 for around $5m, for a whopping $133m. The remainder
  • in large data centers by important clients such as Facebook and Amazon, but also a key area for the growth of internet of things products. It was the largest deal in Intel's history, and the Altera brand
  • He departed in 2018 (for Facebook) and was succeeded by Vikrant Batra, previously global head of marketing, printing. Other marketing heads include Karen Kahn (chief communications officer), Jayanta Jenkins
  • to integrated digital media groups like Google or Facebook. Several of these have outgrown the umbrella structure for one reason or another and been floated as separate companies. That process kicked
  • in early 2008 to try to stop social networking site Facebook from offering an unauthorised software version of Scrabble to its users). Monopoly in particular remains a major contributor to revenues, an
  • acquired as a result of the astronomical growth of Facebook. As both traffic and advertising revenues tanked, MySpace quickly became more of a burden than an asset to News Corp. It was eventually sold

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