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  • See some more ads from the series over on our Facebook page. Adbrands Weekly Update 2nd Nov 2017: US cable companies suffered declines across the board in subscriber numbers as the competition from
  • Google and Facebook as well as a financial powerhouse. The resulting effect on its stock price elevated founder Jeff Bezos to the position of the world's richest man. (He also owns the Washington Post
  • Facebook and Amazon, Verizon's digital division Oath is struggling to sell space. Its share of the digital ad market is expected to fall by almost a quarter year-on-year to to 3.3%. "These pressures are
  • However, in 2018, key customer Facebook, which had been using data from Acxiom and other third-party suppliers for ad targeting, ended that relationship in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal.
  • Social media (Facebook, Twitter, search marketing etc) transcends its roots in CRM and so it is also widely offered by PR agencies who for the most part don't otherwise provide traditional direct & digital
  • 28th Jul 2022 Facebook reports first ever decline in revenues as exchange rates and recessionary forces bite 28th Jul 2022 JetBlue triumps in bidding battle for Spirit Airlines after Frontier withdraws
  • in which almost 200 of the brand's Facebook followers and other bloggers were individually targeted with their own personal ad featuring pitchman Isaiah Mustafa. As a result, W+K is now firmly established
  • specialises in social media games distributed via Facebook and MySpace. In 2013, Disney shut down the LucasArts software development business acquired as part of Lucasfilm. Performance improved considerably
  • That division launched ordering in the US via the Facebook Messenger app in Spring 2017. Despite its massive footprint, the company is almost entirely decentralised. Some critics have argued that the
  • rise of social network and video-sharing sites such Facebook and YouTube. Partly as a result, MTV has evolved from its original content format into a youth-oriented lifestyle network where music videos

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