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  • Facebook Global creative n/s Wieden & Kennedy Air New Zealand N America creative n/s Draftfcb Volkswagen Insurance Germany creative n/s Grey Tempur-Pedic US creative
  • A Very Muppet Portal Launch". Facebook has splashed out on a lavish global campaign, developed by Anomaly, for the global launch of its Portal hardware suite. You might not be familiar with this: it's
  • Adbrands Daily Update 25th Jul 2019: Facebook accepted a $5bn fine from the US Federal Trade Commission for privacy violations associated with the Camridge Analytica scandal. It also agreed to submit
  • Adbrands Daily Update 18th Jun 2019: Facebook's latest disruption project is the invention of its own money. The social giant announced the launch of a global digital cryptocurrency under the name Libra.
  • Adbrands Daily Update 18th May 2020: Facebook added to its family of brands with a deal to acquire the animated gif and social sticker library Giphy for $400m. Giphy is expected to retain its own branding,
  • A recently announced decision by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to shift the company's focus towards private encrypted messaging rather than public news appears to causing turmoil within the organisation.
  • or $115bn; and Facebook for another 20% or $54bn. Another 12% was split between Amazon (4%), Microsoft (3%), Verizon (3%), Twitter (1%) and Snap (1%). That left $67bn for everyone else in 2018. It could
  • Adbrands Daily Update 31st Jan 2019: Facebook shrugged off a year of negative headlines and privacy investigations with record quarterly profits in 4Q and a 30% jump in revenues, well ahead of analysts'
  • which allows advertisers to plan and buy space across Facebook, Google and Amazon, and other sites, as well as to optimise creative content for the best impact on a site-by-site basis. The new addition
  • home page as well as on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Instagram. We also tweet all the new ad posts as they get added to Facebook. Follow our Twitter stream here. Our Four Favourite Ads of the Week:

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