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  • only just beginning to develop a direct presence on Facebook, Peggy had his own page, and attracted thousands of followers. Kevin: "People really connected with him in a weird way that I don't really
  • see all the ads that caught our eye every week on Facebook or Google+. We also tweet all the new ad posts as they get added to Facebook. Follow our Twitter stream here. In the news this past week: Brands
  • Facebook is rolling out a mammoth campaign to encourage safe voting in the upcoming US election, and eliminate disinformation. This spot from Droga5 does a fine job of delivering the message without being
  • Adbrands Daily Update 24th Aug 2020: Facebook's chief marketing officer Antonio Lucio announced his resignation after just two years in his role. His successor has not yet been named. "This has been a
  • Adbrands Daily Update 29th Jun 2020: Facebook is suffering an unprecedented boycott by a growing host of leading advertisers who argue the brand is not doing enough to block messages of hate speech across
  • Pictures". Two Facebook ads in two days? Seriously? Well, yes - sorry about that - but they're both excellent and are not to be overlooked. Taking full advantage of global lockdown, Facebook has rushed
  • Adbrands Daily Update 23rd Apr 2020: Facebook has acquired a 10% shareholding in Jio Reliance, India's biggest mobile operator, for a lavish $5.7bn. It is Facebook's biggest-ever cash investment in another
  • Disney, Netflix, Amazon, Google's YouTube and Facebook have all agreed to downgrade streaming quality by at least 25% throughout Europe to reduce the pressure on broadband networks during Coronavirus
  • Coming in the wake of strong numbers from tech rivals Facebook, Amazon and Apple, Alphabet's 4Q and full year figures were slightly underwhelming. For the final quarter, revenues and operating profits
  • Adbrands Daily Update 30th Jan 2020: Facebook's previously stellar growth slowed during 2019, despite continuing expansion of its range of services. Full year revenues hit a new high of $70.7bn, up 27%

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