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  • BrewDog UK creative n/s Droga5 Ovaltine, Ovomaltine SE Asia creative n/s FCB South Western Railway UK creative n/s St Luke's Dogs Trust UK creative n/s Creature And Rising Heetch
  • Although some viewers might be reminded of Droga5's recent ads for The New York Times, which offered a similar combination of visuals and self-correcting typescript. Still, as ads of this sort go, it'
  • and eliminate disinformation. This spot from Droga5 does a fine job of delivering the message without being too serious or partisan; it actually makes voting look like fun, and not just everyone's social
  • Life Needs Truth". Droga5's previous campaigns for the New York Times have focused - brilliantly - on the pursuit and development of major individual stories. This dazzling new campaign takes a different
  • managed it so well as this heart-tugging film from Droga5 New York for Facebook. While it's easy for the more cynical among us to castigate Facebook over issues of privacy or for helping to spread fake
  • Breathe". Hiring a great agency like Droga5 might be the best move Harley-Davidson ever made. The bike manufacturer's previous marketing has often been solid, but never quite as powerful as Droga5's debut,
  • A team from Accenture and Droga5 was awarded creative in the US and the EMEA region for Kimberly-Clark's baby and childcare products, including Huggies, Pull-Ups and Goodnites diapers. WPP's Ogilvy and
  • first creative project for Mini from newly appointed Droga5 London couldn't be less like an ad, though in that respect it highlights the car brand's commitment to creativity in all its forms. Overseen
  • Adbrands Daily Update 19th Jun 2019: Droga5 was one of three Grand Prix recipients in Cannes Lions' Film Craft category. The agency was honoured for its superb series of "The Truth Is Worth It" ads for

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