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  • Tourism Australia "Dundee" by Droga5 NY >Team Canada "Be Olympic" by Sid Lee >PepsiCo "Doritos vs Mtn Dew" by Goodby Silverstein Ah, decisions, decisions. There has been a flood of new ads in advance
  • The other big winner in the past few days was Droga5, which captured three new accounts. The UK office will take on audio electronics manufacturer Bowers & Wilkins, while Droga5 New York was appointed
  • Woolworths Australia creative A$90m Droga5 M&C Saatchi eHarmony US creative $85m GSD&M DonatWald+Haque Reebok Global creative $80m McGarryBowen DDB, Tribal DDB Buffalo
  • developed by Droga5 London for the global market. Here's the best of the bunch, a stunning film shot in Santiago, Chile, designed to show off the store's innovative breathable fabric. However, we're guessing
  • Uniqlo "AIRism" by Droga5 London Snickers "Recovery Room" by BBDO New York Seriously, do NOT watch Wieden & Kennedy London's spectacular new spot for Honda if you have a fear of heights. For everyone
  • Breathe". Hiring a great agency like Droga5 might be the best move Harley-Davidson ever made. The bike manufacturer's previous marketing has often been solid, but never quite as powerful as Droga5's debut,
  • Pizza Hut "No One Out-Pizzas the Hut" by Droga5 New York Quite a few of the movies he makes may be not so great, but it's well nigh impossible to resist Dwayne Johnson's goofy charm. (When you're clearly
  • Mather, following the resignation of Droga5, which had held the business for the past couple of years. Separately, Lenovo shifted another chunk of its own brand advertising business over to Ogilvy. It'
  • Kwiff "Perfectly Normal: Father & Son" by Droga5 London Johannes Leonardo signed up a new team of innovators (well, ok, innovators and also Kendall Jenner) to reprise its Original Is Never Finished
  • Google Pixel "Life By You, Phone by Google" by Droga5 New York Emirates "Jen's Back" by WPP Team Air LG Electronics "The Art of Essence" by HS Ad South Korea Mondelez Milka "Lost & Found" by

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