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  • including DaimlerChrysler, Disney's Buena Vista and later Clairol. A new middle management team installed by John Banks in 2001 temporarily bolstered performance. But four of its key members jumped ship
  • the acquisition of ESPN UK in Feb 2013 from parent Disney. In a surprise development, it announced plans to make its new BT Sport service free for the first year to all BT Broadband customers, and also
  • Disney and Fox. Unfortunately Toshiba had developed a competing and incompatible format of its own, called HD-DVD, and had secured the backing of Paramount, Universal and Warner Bros home entertainment
  • Nintendo's world has strong similarities to that of Walt Disney. The company's games can be relied on to be fun, entertaining, but above all non-threatening. While Sony and Microsoft both went in pursuit
  • but there are also superhero partnerships with Disney-controlled Marvel and Warner-owned DC, and with Disney's Princesses range, the Hobbit and Lord Of The Rings licenses, Scooby-Doo and even video game
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  • Walt Disney Studios, of Howard Hughes' movie interests, and of clients Sunkist and Lockheed. Following Emerson Foote's departure in 1950, Belding took over management of the New York office as well as
  • third biggest entertainment deal in history after Disney's purchase of Capital Cities/ABC and the Time Warner merger. The music company was merged with Seagram's existing Universal to form Universal Music.
  • Fox Corporation excluding 20th Century Fox and other operations sold to Disney 64 McDonald's own expenditure only. Excludes franchisees' spend. All rights reserved © Mind Advertising Ltd 1998-2022
  • Pamela Levine was appointed as head of marketing for Disney-branded TV (including Disney+) and National Geographic Channel. She takes over from Jayanta Jenkins. Levine was previously president of theatrical

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