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  • Olivia Wilde and others. It also sponsored the Disney movie Tomorrowland, earning it several photo opportunities with George Clooney. Background The man after whom Chevrolet is named was only associated
  • promotional partnership with the newly rejuvenated Walt Disney Company, which had just scored its first animated hit in years with The Little Mermaid. In fact the 1990s were to prove perhaps the most
  • borrowing a term from Walt Disney, the bank sometimes refers to its lobbies and other public areas as "onstage". BofA also steadily pieced together what is now one of the biggest retail banking networks
  • Christmas 2014 were dolls based on characters from the Disney movie Frozen. In 2010, the group acquired Silpada Designs, a direct seller of sterling silver jewellery, for $650m. That deal added a new
  • He sold Pixar to distribution partner Disney in 2006 for $7.5bn, becoming Disney's largest individual shareholder, with a stake of just over 7%. Renowned for his obsessive pursuit of technological brilliance,
  • the business has been a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company. Although the fortunes of all four networks tend to fluctuate from season to season, ABC had arguably a harder time than most in the late
  • including Sky, to the Walt Disney Company. A rival offer subsequently materialised from Comcast, and the three companies began jockeying for control of the business. Comcast was ultimately successful,
  • Carney left in 2010, initially to join Disney; Woolmington departed in 2012). A French office opened in 2006, sharing premises with media agency KR Media. Naked Japan launched in Tokyo in June 2007. A
  • including DaimlerChrysler, Disney's Buena Vista and later Clairol. A new middle management team installed by John Banks in 2001 temporarily bolstered performance. But four of its key members jumped ship
  • the acquisition of ESPN UK in Feb 2013 from parent Disney. In a surprise development, it announced plans to make its new BT Sport service free for the first year to all BT Broadband customers, and also

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