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  • the year when the agency lost flagship client Walt Disney, worth around $500m, to Starcom. Reflecting the poor performance, Initiative's chairman & CEO Lou Schultz resigned at the end of the year. In
  • Penney opened a line of Disney children's boutiques instore from 3Q 2013, selling toys and apparel. For 2016, JC Penney said that women's apparel accounted for 24% of sales, women's accessories and
  • and among its earliest clients was Walt Disney, which bought eight oscillators for use in production of ground-breaking animated movie Fantasia. The key breakthrough for Hewlett and Packard came with
  • most notably Disney. For years it had a close relationship with Star Wars producer George Lucas, and in 2003 extended its exclusive worldwide license to rights for Star Wars action figures, vehicles and
  • including printed t-shirts, at all Disney's US theme parks and resorts. Hanes is supported in the group portfolio by several other brands. The biggest of these is Champion sports performance apparel,
  • in 2015, the brand tied up with Disney/Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ultron movie for a joint promotion, and a year later with Star Wars: Rogue One. In 2017 it even moved into eSports, in a deal with sports
  • 20th Century Fox movie studio and other assets to Disney and of satellite broadcaster Sky to Comcast. Fox had already served for several years as an umbrella brand for the entertainment operations of
  • but Paul Pressler, previously head of Disney's theme parks division, was eventually appointed towards the end of the year. Meanwhile sales continued lower though not as sharply down as during the previous
  • An ambitious bid to acquire Walt Disney came to nothing in 2004, but five years later the group entered talks with General Electric to acquire a controlling stake in the latter's NBC Universal subsidiary.
  • is produced under a licensing deal with Disney, a range of fruit-based or milk-based still drinks first introduced in Mexico in 2002, and later rolled out in Europe. In the US, the group produces another

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