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  • first task assigned to newly recruited animators at Disney was to learn how to give human characteristics to an inanimate object. The production team on this spot have that skill down to a fine art, so
  • Disney, Fox, CBS and NBC. Other channelowners such as Time Warner and Viacom have yet to commit. The starting price is $35 per month, around half most cable packages, with no contract or fixed term commitment.
  • Boosted by its capture of the prized Disney Princesses franchise from the larger company, Hasbro's revenues soared by 13% in 2016, topping $5.0bn for the first time in the company's history. Meanwhile
  • 11.38bn. The year's undisputed champion was Walt Disney. Despite fewer releases than any of the rival majors (just 16 in 2016 compared to 37 from Warner Bros), it topped $3bn in takings, equivalent to
  • The year hasn't quite ended yet but Walt Disney has already set a new record for global box office, having topped a combined total of $7bn earlier this week. That surpasses previous record-holder Universal
  • In the news this past week: Media Walt Disney's movie studio delivered record performance for its most recent financial year, ended September, as did the company as a whole, but investors are still
  • inspired by Disney's Little Mermaid, and it works just as effectively. An especially nice touch is that little frisson you feel when the otherwise charming mermaid shows her teeth at around the 1:10 mark.
  • 5bn, making Netflix the third biggest content creator globally after Disney and NBC. Simon Tesler Publisher, Adbrands All rights reserved © Mind Advertising Ltd 1998-2016
  • Bid interest from Google, Disney and had caused a sharp rise in Twitter's stock, from around $18.40 per share to just under $25. However, Google and Disney have now indicated they won't
  • interest from several other parties including Walt Disney and Microsoft and, as a result, a sharp rise in Twitter's share price, which jumped by 28%. Current valuation is around $16bn, compared to a peak

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