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  • outstanding Sky shares before selling the business on to Disney, along with other assets. However that plan looks unlikely to get past regulators, which means Disney would have to accept Fox's existing
  • impending acquisition of FX and other Fox assets by Disney as a prime cause for his defection. "The stuff I do is not Disney, and I'm concerned about that. Am I going to have to put Mickey Mouse in American
  • Century Fox but soon expected to become a unit of Walt Disney. Klein has been named as group chief marketing & corporate affairs officer. No date has yet been set for her departure; she will stay at Engine
  • not least Disney, but said he's relaxed about the challenge. "The market for entertainment time is vast and can support many successful services," he said. "Entertainment services are often complementary
  • a big encouragement to prospective majority owner Disney. If and when its acquisition of most of 21st Century Fox goes through, Disney will become the majority owner of Hulu (with 60% of equity) as well
  • In the news this past week: Media Walt Disney was undeniable champion of the US (and global) movie box office in 2017. On release for just the last two weeks of the year, Star Wars: The Last Jedi roared
  • John Skipper, president of Disney's top-rated ESPN cable sports channel, has resigned with immediate effect to battle a drug problem. Few details were disclosed but in a statement, Skipper wrote: "I have
  • Comcast and Disney in selected US cities. T-Mobile aims to expand the service's footprint nationally to its existing mobile and broadband subscribers as well as new customers. Terms of the acquisition
  • In the news this past week: Media Walt Disney re-opened talks with 21st Century Fox regarding the acquisition of a collection of assets including the Fox movie studio, the Star TV satellite broadcast
  • it's a busy week in the Murdoch empire. News of Disney's reported approach for the 21st Century Fox has effectively raised an "in play" sign over Fox's filmed entertainment and non-news cable assets.

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