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  • Disney+ US creative n/s Erich & Kallman Peloton US creative n/s Adam&Eve NYC Mirror Home Gym US creative n/s Known Hydrow US creative n/s Mojo Supermarket Getir UK creative
  • Virgin Group Walt Disney Co American Express Expedia Samsung Group LG Group Bookings Holdings   The World's Leading Hotel Groups by rooms in Jan 2020 Marriott International Wyndham Hotels
  • and newcomers Apple TV's 'The Morning Show' and Disney+'s 'The Mandalorian'. As has become standard in recent years, the traditional networks barely made a dent in any of the categories. There was only
  • Adbrands Daily Update 23rd Mar 2020: Disney, Netflix, Amazon, Google's YouTube and Facebook have all agreed to downgrade streaming quality by at least 25% throughout Europe to reduce the pressure on broadband
  • stronger competitor to bulked up media titans like Disney, Comcast, AT&T and Netflix. Aged and bed-ridden tycoon Sumner Redstone is still nominally the controlling shareholder, but all management decisions
  • boosted Disney's revenues for the year ended Sept to a new high of $69.6bn. Revenues for the final quarter alone jumped by more than a third overall, and by more than 50% in the studio entertainment division.
  • Omnicom Media Group retained the bulk of the business of Disney's North Amerian media channels following a major global review worth over $2bn in billings. That includes the Disney, Fox, Pixar, Marvel
  • that character-based money-machine now controlled by Disney - to promote the service. Who knows, for the next ad, they might be back on the phone to Disney to try to reunite all the various Avengers..
  • Yet it is dwarfed by rivals AT&T, Disney, Comcast or Netflix, each worth between four and eight times as much. As a result, further acquisitions are likely, as ViacomCBS attempts to bulk up its industry
  • Yet Disney's dominance of the current industry is a little alarming. It now controls four of the top five movies of all time, and a partial share in the other ('Titanic', which was released outside the

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