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  • Walt Disney Company appears to have identified two new potential successors to CEO Robert Iger. The group realigned its operating divisions, combining what are currently two separate divisions of consumer
  • the #2 behind Disney, with estimated retail value of around $6bn annually. Main brands include the Looney Tunes portfolio, Harry Potter, Batman, Superman and Scooby-Doo. DC Comics and MAD magazine also
  • a big encouragement to prospective majority owner Disney. If and when its acquisition of most of 21st Century Fox goes through, Disney will become the majority owner of Hulu (with 60% of equity) as well
  • promotional partnership with the newly rejuvenated Walt Disney Company, which had just scored its first animated hit in years with The Little Mermaid. In fact the 1990s were to prove perhaps the most
  • it's a busy week in the Murdoch empire. News of Disney's reported approach for the 21st Century Fox has effectively raised an "in play" sign over Fox's filmed entertainment and non-news cable assets.
  • 11.38bn. The year's undisputed champion was Walt Disney. Despite fewer releases than any of the rival majors (just 16 in 2016 compared to 37 from Warner Bros), it topped $3bn in takings, equivalent to
  • tough-talking EVP of corporate communications at Walt Disney, is to depart at the beginning of 2022. Admired and feared in equal measures, she has guided the corporate image of the House of Mouse for
  • Disney, Fox and Comcast - are in talks to recruit Time Warner as an equal fourth partner. Warner's television studio is one of the biggest creators of broadcast content in the US, and stronger ties to
  • and of Walt Disney Pictures in South-East Asia. In reviews, DDB North America is defending reviews of two of its longest-held local creative accounts: Clorox Company, which it has held for almost 20 years
  • 19th Jan 2022: Walt Disney promoted Joe Earley to president of US streaming service Hulu, replacing Kelly Campbell, who left last year to lead rival Peacock. He was previously EVP marketing & operations

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