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  • Fox once the transfer of its entertainment assets to Disney has completed. That sale is expected to close during the first half of next year, at which point current communications chief Julie Henderson
  • An ambitious bid to acquire Walt Disney came to nothing in 2004, but five years later the group entered talks with General Electric to acquire a controlling stake in the latter's NBC Universal subsidiary.
  • 20th Century Fox movie studio and other assets to Disney and of satellite broadcaster Sky to Comcast. Fox had already served for several years as an umbrella brand for the entertainment operations of
  • 12th Oct 2021: Alan Horn, longtime head of Disney's movie operations is to retire at the end of the year, at the same time that long-serving group executive chairman and former CEO Bob Iger. Horn moved
  • resigned as chief corporate affairs officer of Walt Disney after just a four months in his role. His tenure has been marked by a fierce backlash from gay and trans activitists over Disney's past endorsement
  • Pamela Levine was appointed as head of marketing for Disney-branded TV (including Disney+) and National Geographic Channel. She takes over from Jayanta Jenkins. Levine was previously president of theatrical
  • the shares to its two remaining shareholders Walt Disney, with around 60%, and Comcast with 30%. The sale values Hulu at $15bn, a good price, but still only a 10th of Netflix's $150bn valuation. AT&T
  • In the news this past week: Media Disney took steps to reduce the future threat from Netflix and other streaming video rivals, by announcing plans for its own equivalent service in 2019. As a result,
  • Omnicom Media Group retained the bulk of the business of Disney's North Amerian media channels following a major global review worth over $2bn in billings. That includes the Disney, Fox, Pixar, Marvel
  • cereals co-branded to Disney's new Captain America, Frozen and Finding Dory movies. In 2008, the group acquired Australian ready-to-eat cereal manufacturer Speciality Cereals, whose brands include Vogel'

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