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  • Disney, it its own 1Q results this week, disclosed that Star Wars merchandise had generated retail sales of $3bn worldwide during the quarter. Hasbro gets only part of that: CEO Brian Goldner said the
  • Disney and Fox. Unfortunately Toshiba had developed a competing and incompatible format of its own, called HD-DVD, and had secured the backing of Paramount, Universal and Warner Bros home entertainment
  • the acquisition of ESPN UK in Feb 2013 from parent Disney. In a surprise development, it announced plans to make its new BT Sport service free for the first year to all BT Broadband customers, and also
  • A&E, a joint venture between Disney and Hearst, already has a 10% stake in Vice, and is expected to increase that to 15% in return for transferring partial ownership of the H2 strand to its partner. The
  • including DaimlerChrysler, Disney's Buena Vista and later Clairol. A new middle management team installed by John Banks in 2001 temporarily bolstered performance. But four of its key members jumped ship
  • beating even Disney's Inside Out at the global box office. DreamWorks founder and CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg - who would earn around $22m from a sale - is expected to remain with the group as chairman of
  • 4bn is about what Disney paid for Star Wars owner Lucasfilm, and slightly more than Comcast is paying for DreamWorks Animation. Thomson Reuters is to sharpen its focus on financial information following
  • Fox Corporation excluding 20th Century Fox and other operations sold to Disney 64 McDonald's own expenditure only. Excludes franchisees' spend. All rights reserved © Mind Advertising Ltd 1998-2022

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