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  • Apple TV+ topped rivals Netflix, Disney+ and others to become the first streaming service to seize the top prize at the Oscars, collecting the Best Picture trophy for family drama 'Coda'. Netflix came
  • Carney left in 2010, initially to join Disney; Woolmington departed in 2012). A French office opened in 2006, sharing premises with media agency KR Media. Naked Japan launched in Tokyo in June 2007. A
  • but Paul Pressler, previously head of Disney's theme parks division, was eventually appointed towards the end of the year. Meanwhile sales continued lower though not as sharply down as during the previous
  • Olivia Wilde and others. It also sponsored the Disney movie Tomorrowland, earning it several photo opportunities with George Clooney. Background The man after whom Chevrolet is named was only associated
  • in 2015, the brand tied up with Disney/Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ultron movie for a joint promotion, and a year later with Star Wars: Rogue One. In 2017 it even moved into eSports, in a deal with sports
  • 5bn, making Netflix the third biggest content creator globally after Disney and NBC. Simon Tesler Publisher, Adbrands All rights reserved © Mind Advertising Ltd 1998-2016
  • Christmas 2014 were dolls based on characters from the Disney movie Frozen. In 2010, the group acquired Silpada Designs, a direct seller of sterling silver jewellery, for $650m. That deal added a new
  • including printed t-shirts, at all Disney's US theme parks and resorts. Hanes is supported in the group portfolio by several other brands. The biggest of these is Champion sports performance apparel,
  • Visa also has a worldwide partnership with Disney, as well as with other suppliers of goods and services. The group has traditionally served as the umbrella for four separate entities, Visa USA, Visa
  • looking like it could almost have been an out-take from Disney's classic 101 Dalmations. The story is superior too - the Five are on the trail of a dastardly jewel thief this time, rather than naughty

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