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  • Boosted by its capture of the prized Disney Princesses franchise from the larger company, Hasbro's revenues soared by 13% in 2016, topping $5.0bn for the first time in the company's history. Meanwhile
  • impending acquisition of FX and other Fox assets by Disney as a prime cause for his defection. "The stuff I do is not Disney, and I'm concerned about that. Am I going to have to put Mickey Mouse in American
  • Disney already has a deal on the table; Comcast is preparing to issue a counter-offer of its own. The UK Government also said it has no objections to Comcast's bid for Sky. As a result, Fox can potentially
  • and is also nervously awaiting the arrival of Disney+ and other new challengers. The gag here is that "for legal reasons", Canal+ can't mention Netflix or any of its programmes. BETC made the first two
  • Wasserman was, along with Disney, one of the first of a new breed of studio boss willing to embrace the enemy. In particular he was arguably the first to understand the value of a library of past movie
  • Disney and Marriott. There were no further developments on that front until 2012, when reports emerged that group was planning to take control of Dentsu's two hitherto marginal outposts in London and
  • However, following Marvel's acquisition by Disney, Paramount agreed to an early termination of that relationship in 2010, although it released two further Marvel-inspired pictures which were already in
  • borrowing a term from Walt Disney, the bank sometimes refers to its lobbies and other public areas as "onstage". BofA also steadily pieced together what is now one of the biggest retail banking networks
  • Walt Disney entment US media 800m OMD Publicis Groupe Mercedes-Benz, Smart Europe media n/s Publicis Groupe media MEC, Maxus Ferrero Various media n/s Omnicom Media Group
  • Walt Disney Pictures Europe media n/s Havas Media, OMD Carat Australian Fed Gov Australia media A$140m Carat (Mitchell & Ptrs) UM EA Games US media 130m Starcom Vitro

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