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  • Coca Cola : Powerade "Churn" by Wieden & Kennedy Allan Gray "The Letter" by Ogilvy South Africa >Sony "Made For Bond" by Adam&Eve DDB Update only subscribers: click here to view Ads of the Week
  • Coca-Cola. In a deal that few observers had expected, Coke announced the acquisition of Costa Coffee, the world's third largest coffee retail business overall after Starbucks and McDonald's, but #1 in
  • Further changes in the evolution of the Coca-Cola family. Coke Zero - often considered one of the heroes in the soft drink's global variant portfolio - is to be phased out altogether by the end of September
  • last year's winner Burger King and previous honourees Coca-Cola, Google, Ikea, Samsung, Heineken, McDonald's, Mars and Unilever. Former Grey Global creative chief Tor Myhren, now VP, marketing & communications
  • There's a dispute brewing between Coca-Cola Company and the energy drinks marketer Monster in which it acquired a minority stake in 2014. At the time of that deal, Coke transferred control of all its
  • and alcohol consumption. The latest pokes fun at Coca-Cola's long-running Christmas truck concept, before morphing into an affectionate tribute the classic British movie 'The Italian Job'. You can just
  • Coca-Cola made some changes to its senior management team. Brian Smith - previously head of the company's EMEA region - was named as group president & COO, becoming the #2 leader under CEO James Quincey.
  • speculating on a bid from local soft drinks giant Coca-Cola Amatil. In the news this past week: Agencies The marketing services arm of consultancy Accenture is now around the same size as Interpublic
  • and before that was at Coca-Cola for almost 20 years. In the news this past week: Agencies Scott Kauffman, chairman & CEO of MDC Partners for the past three years, announced plans to step down from
  • with PepsiCo was first established in 2015 following Coca-Cola's move to partner Keurig and develop home soft drinks machines. That venture proved a big flop. PepsiCo's new CEO Ramon Laguarta will be

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