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  • Adbrands Daily Update 3rd Dec 2018: Bayer announced a massive cost-cutting initiative with which it hopes to appease investors alarmed by the legal challenges resulting from its acquisition of Monsanto.
  • from the Christmas deluge with this superb film for Bayer's footcare brand Dr Scholl's from BBDO Toronto. It's a fabulously simple concept but deceptively complicated to deliver, telling the tale of one
  • transferred are Canadian whisky Seagram's VO and Parrot Bay rum, but there are also another 17 smaller spirits products. Acquirer Sazerac, based in New Orleans, already has an extensive collection of
  • Bayer received a serious black eye from a US court over the former's widely used Round-up weedkiller. A California jury found that Round-up and its sister product Ranger Pro presented a "substantial danger"
  • Proximity division was appointed as global lead for Bayer Animal Health's pet care business. Volkswagen entrusted global creative for its Skoda car brand to a newly created joint venture between Germany
  • After almost two years of negotiations, Bayer's proposed acquisition of US crop protection rival Monsanto was finally approved by the US Justice Department after both companies agreed to sell off certain
  • department stores owned by Canadian group Hudson's Bay Company, has suffered a massive data breach in which credit and debut card details for around 5m customers were stolen. The theft only appears to
  • Canada-based retailer Hudson's Bay Company named former CVS executive Helena Foulkes as CEO. She had previously led CVS's $80bn pharmacy division, but now takes charge of HBC's global department store
  • Bayer signed off on a conditional deal to offload part of its existing seed development business in an attempt to assuage regulators' concerns over its proposed merger with US rival Monsanto. Dependent
  • Mitsubishi Motors, Lexus, Allstate, Sanofi, Bayer and GSK. Adding to Fox News' woes, a separate lawsuit has been filed alleging racial discrimination, as well as a new suit for sexual harassment in which

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