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  • at which point it transferred to BMW). Primarily however, VW remains true to its heritage positioning as a classless car for "the people", and it has struggled to establish a niche at the top end of the
  • tussling with BMW to capture the iconic Rolls Royce marque, put up for sale by British company Vickers. However, the negotiations ended in some embarrassment for VW. Although the company outbid BMW for
  • sitting behind Volkswagen, Mercedes, BMW and Audi, and repeated attempts to turn performance around have so far failed to deliver lasting results. The global economic crisis of 2008 came close to forcing
  • it is rivalled in the luxury automobile sector by BMW, Audi, Lexus and others, the Mercedes badge arguably carries more status than any of its competitors. Not only does ownership imply wealth, but also
  • relationship with German luxury car brands and arch-rivals BMW and Mercedes-Benz. In 2006, JvM surrendered BMW's creative account in Germany (although it kept PR and some international work) to take on
  • BMW Group (Germany) Profile subscribers click here for full profile BMW has successfully set the benchmark for prestige motoring since the 1980s, creating a standard now fiercely contested by other
  • behind Siemens and BMW, but ahead of Daimler), and an incredible 89% of the population shop there at least once a year. One major factor is that quality remains exceptional despite the low prices. In
  • German agency Serviceplan's hold on the global BMW account keeps getting stronger. We've noted before how this independent group has planted strategic outposts in multiple smaller markets, not just in
  • Arch-rival BMW overtook Mercedes as the world's top luxury car brand in 2006, but were themselves pushed back into second place again in 2016. The two companies' rivalry burns as brightly as ever, but
  • nominally only BMW's main digital agency in Germany - to mount a challenge to the carmaker's US incumbent Goodby Silverstein, with a superb spot that is clearly intended for American consumption. It's

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