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  • BMW Group advertising & marketing assignments Profile subscribers click here for full profile Selected BMW Group advertising Previous Next BMW has successfully set the benchmark for luxury motoring
  • BMW Group (Germany) Profile subscribers click here for full profile BMW has successfully set the benchmark for prestige motoring since the 1980s, creating a standard now fiercely contested by other
  • resurrect MG follows an earlier unsuccessful attempt by BMW of Germany. Selected MG advertising Competitors See Cars Sector index for other competitive companies and brands Contact MG Motor UK Lowhill
  • tussling with BMW to capture the iconic Rolls Royce marque, put up for sale by British company Vickers. However, the negotiations ended in some embarrassment for VW. Although the company outbid BMW for
  • series of short internet-based films for former client BMW, which generated considerable acclaim in the early 2000s. However that account departed in 2004 and the agency suffered a prolonged slump exacerbated
  • it is rivalled in the luxury automobile sector by BMW, Audi, Lexus and others, the Mercedes badge arguably carries more status than any of its competitors. Not only does ownership imply wealth, but also
  • BMW Group reported its fifth consecutive year of record performances, with revenues breaking the €80bn barrier for the first time. Volumes hit a best-ever 2.12m vehicles, including 1.82m for the main
  • BMW gets in early with this fine cinematic-style drama from Jung von Matt (surely earning themselves some extra points towards the carmaker's new account review). It's odd to think now that BMW ever made
  • Iconic British small car Mini first joined the BMW Group portfolio in 1994 following the German company's ill-fated acquisition of struggling Rover Group. However the current car is almost entirely a
  • Adbrands Daily Update 9th Sep 2020: BMW is to consolidate its advertising across Europe for both the main BMW brand and Mini with Serviceplan, already its partner in several markets including Germany,

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