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  • Asda 14.5% (peak of 17.8% Mar 13)  Iceland 2.2% (peak of 2.5% Jan 21) Morrisons 9.5% (peak of 12.5% Jan 12)  Ocado 1.8% (peak of 2.0% Feb 21) Aldi 8.6% (highest to-date) Symbol groups & independents
  • collapse of a deal to merge with supermarket group Asda, Kingfisher began steps to break itself up. Woolworths was the first unit to be spun off, demerged as a separate company in August 2001. The group'
  • Admired British marketer Meghan Farren has decided Asda is not the business for her. She is departing the supermarket, recently acquired by the Issa brothers, after less than a year as chief customer
  • currently in review * various Asda UK creative £65m * currently in review * AMV BBDO Nestlé UK media £63m * currently in review * Zenith Prudential Financial US creative n/s *
  • Asda UK creative n/s Havas AMV BBDO White Claw Global creative n/s Rothco / Accenture Diageo brands N Europe creative n/s DDB various Volkswagen Group UK CRM n/s Havas Helia Rapp
  • door in the C-suite of British supermarket retailer Asda continues. Chief merchandising officer Derek Lawlor announced his resignation after six years with the company, which has been controlled since
  • marketing officer when she departs the fast feeder for Asda next month. 13th Jul 2021: Havas Health & You, the Havas Group's main healthcare marketing division, named Eric Weisberg as global chief creative
  • Roger Burnley, CEO of UK supermarket group Asda since 2018, has left the business following its takeover by Mohsin and Zuber Issa and TDR Capital. His departure comes several months earlier than expected.
  • BT, Walkers, and most recently Asda. The agency's former chief client officer, and lead on the Essity account, Douglas moved up to CEO at the end of 2018 following the retirement of longtime chief Cilla
  • Asda's CEO Roger Burnley has announced plans to leave the group in 2022. "My decision to leave Asda is personal," he said in a statement, "and something I wanted to communicate to my colleagues as soon

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