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  • reaching 8.0% for the first time. Meanwhile, Asda clawed back a narrow lead over Sainsbury for the first time since 2015. Kantar estimated 15.4% share for the Walmart-owned chain, against 15.3% for Sainsbury.
  • Spencer, Boots, Tesco, Topshop, Asda, Debenhams, Woolworths and Ikea as well as Heathrow Airport's Terminal 4, BT, the Imperial War Museum and BP's London HQ. Ubiquitous retail features like stripped
  • Asda's CEO Roger Burnley has announced plans to leave the group in 2022. "My decision to leave Asda is personal," he said in a statement, "and something I wanted to communicate to my colleagues as soon
  • BT, Walkers, and most recently Asda. The agency's former chief client officer, and lead on the Essity account, Douglas moved up to CEO at the end of 2018 following the retirement of longtime chief Cilla
  • Asda UK creative n/s Havas AMV BBDO White Claw Global creative n/s Rothco / Accenture Diageo brands N Europe creative n/s DDB various Volkswagen Group UK CRM n/s Havas Helia Rapp
  • currently in review * various Asda UK creative £65m * currently in review * AMV BBDO Nestlé UK media £63m * currently in review * Zenith Prudential Financial US creative n/s *
  • In 1985, MFI merged with supermarket chain Asda, but that partnership proved unhappy and MFI's management bought out the business again in 1987, acquiring Schreiber Furniture a year later. The group floated
  • originally developed in the UK by group subsidiary Asda. A range of men's clothing under the Exsto label has proved more popular with buyers, although it is still sold in only around one in six of the
  • in-store cafes at selected outlets of supermarket Asda under the Seattle's Best brand. In 2015, it began opening Starbucks outlets within Casino supermarkets in France. The company continues to make
  • Aldi's Mamia and Asda's Little Angels. In France, Pampers had around 55% share in 2011, well ahead of K-C, whose sales were split between Huggies and local brand Peaudouce, which was acquired by Kimberly-

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