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  • Aldi's Mamia and Asda's Little Angels. In France, Pampers had around 55% share in 2011, well ahead of K-C, whose sales were split between Huggies and local brand Peaudouce, which was acquired by Kimberly-
  • It was also launched in the UK (through Asda), France (through Carrefour), Germany (through Wal-Mart) and Switzerland (through Migros), but performed poorly and was withdrawn in 2007. Yet after a strong
  • less than 19 new accounts including supermarket giant Asda, which at last toppled O2 as VCCP's single biggest client. The £114m in new business gained in 2013 was almost twice as much as any other agency
  • behind Primark, Asda/George and M&S. The group also sells a wide range of electrical items, including televisions, monitors and DVD players under private label brand Technika. In 2013 it launched its
  • 2 supermarket chain by Asda and, if anything, Sainsbury's troubles increased in 2004 following the disastrous introduction of a new stock control system. Despite a dreadful set of financial results, the
  • having overtaken Asda's George in 2007. It was named as Value Retailer of the Year in that year's Drapers Fashion Awards, and has collected that or a similar accolade virtually every year since then,
  • quit the agency in Autumn 2006 to join key client Asda, and subsequently transferred the advertising account to sister agency Fallon London. Furniture retailer MFI moved on soon afterwards. Publicis UK
  • Asda and Sainsbury. Originally an offshoot of the US group of the same name, Safeway was established as an independent company in 1987. Its fortunes were bumpy to say the least over the next ten years,
  • In 1985, MFI merged with supermarket chain Asda, but that partnership proved unhappy and MFI's management bought out the business again in 1987, acquiring Schreiber Furniture a year later. The group floated
  • it now ranks third behind Primark and Asda's George. M&S seeks to be perceived as superior to other mass-market retailers, with a brand message of "Luxury for Less". However it is generally regarded as

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