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  • having overtaken Asda's George in 2007. It was named as Value Retailer of the Year in that year's Drapers Fashion Awards, and has collected that or a similar accolade virtually every year since then,
  • having overtaken Asda's George in 2007. Primark contributed revenues of £4.35bn in 2015. ABF also has an extensive presence in trade manufacturing and agriculture. Its Sugar & Agriculture division
  • Asda 14.4% (peak of 17.8% Mar 13)  Iceland 2.3% (peak of 2.5% Jan 21) Morrisons 9.8% (peak of 12.5% Jan 12)  Ocado 1.7% (peak of 2.0% Feb 21) Aldi 8.0% (peak of 8.2% Aug 21) Symbol groups &
  • In the UK, Asda CEO Andy Clarke has announced plans to step down, as the chain struggles to regain its lead over longtime rival Sainsbury's, which replaced it as the local #2 supermarket in October last
  • s retained a narrow lead in second place ahead of Asda, though still well behind Tesco. In the news this past week: Agencies Publicis Groupe reported its best quarterly organic growth since the end
  • ahead of Asda. In the news this past week: Agencies The J Walter Thompson sexism/racism brouhaha continues to ferment. The resignation of JWT CEO Gustavo Martinez has not put a stop to the discrimination
  • collapse of a deal to merge with supermarket group Asda, Kingfisher began steps to break itself up. Woolworths was the first unit to be spun off, demerged as a separate company in August 2001. The group'
  • agreed to relinquish ownership of supermarket chain Asda in favour of a majority stake in a merged Sainsbury's-Asda - but it is ramping up investment in selected other territories. The group finalised
  • for a test period exclusively through supermarket Asda. All Asda's supplies of Starburst were repackaged under the Opal Fruits name.) However the lack of any significant new products led to a slow erosion
  • Asda and Sainsbury's, all of whom have encroached on what was once its sovereign territory of health and beauty retail. Its biggest mistake was to respond to the challenge by adding a series of increasingly

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