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  • though it has since lost its crown to Google and Apple. Bill Gates and his colleagues didn't invent computers, the graphical interface or internet browsing. But they came to dominate most users' experience
  • intended as a rival to Apple's iPod, but which sank almost without trace soon after launch. More recently, the group introduced the Surface tablet to compete with iPad and other tablets, and attempted
  • New launch Redd's Apple Ale launched in 2012, followed by Smith & Forge in 2013, Redd's Strawberry Ale in 2014, and additional variants in 2015. Miller has spent several years as the main rival to the
  • along with Visa and American Express) to support Apple's ApplePay mobile payments system. In addition to the MasterCard brand, the company operates Maestro, the world's biggest debit payment brand covering
  • whose card-based games include Apples To Apples, Snorta and Blink. In the all-important world of licensed toys, Mattel has an extensive agreement to manufacture toys and games based on Warner Bros/DC
  • and the much-quoted story about apples (see below). The network's new business performance is generally solid though not perhaps spectacular; in 2011 it captured the US Sprint Nextel account, one of
  • Mini Max, Apple Jacks, Froot Loops, Corn Pops and Sucrilhos (in Latin America) and more. Local brands include Smacks in several European markets, and Toppas. New brand Tresor launched originally in France
  • In another break with the past, Apple, for whom IBM had produced the PowerPC processors which for many years formed the basis of desktop Macintosh computers, said it was switching this business to IBM'
  • A new management team headed by former Apple Stores boss Ron Johnson launched a new promotional strategy for JCP in January 2012, but that approach proved disastrous and was abandoned a year later in
  • HP and Compaq. In 2006, even Apple, long considered the traditional enemy of the Wintel pact, joined the group, switching suppliers from IBM to Intel. As a result of these close links, Intel has long

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