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  • second only to Apple Stores. The brand is also famous for the distinctive blue ribbon-tied boxes in which it packages its products. Like all other jewellers, Tiffany sources a significant proportion
  • the group finally got its hands on supplies of Apple's iPhone for the first time, a major victory in its battle to compete on equal terms with AT&T and Verizon. Another major victory was the collapse
  • In a bid to create a rival to Apple's iTunes, Sony launched its third attempt at direct music sales in 2004, under the name Sony Connect, a partnership between the company's music and electronics division.
  • In 2004, the brand teamed up with Apple to sponsor the giveaway of 100m free songs via Apple's iTunes music download service. More recently, Pepsi Smash was the umbrella for a partnership with Yahoo!
  • Virgin Media, Boots and Apple. OMD Germany is also an umbrella for several different units. By late 2000, nine separate divisions shared the OMD umbrella brand there, each aligned with a different creative
  • combining cranberry with apple, cherry, mango, strawberry, even tea. In 2003 Ocean Spray introduced a completely new line, white cranberry juice, produced from pre-ripened berries, harvested in the summer
  • a partnership with Apple to integrate its iPod technology with footwear and apparel. As a result, Nike+ running shoes are able to transmit performance data wirelessly to the Nano, including distance run,
  • newspaper designed specifically for and distributed via Apple's iPad tablet. The publication launched with a dedicated staff of more than 100 journalists and designers. However, commercial success was
  • designed to compete directly with Apple's dominant iTunes service. However the partnership was discontinued in 2007 and instead MTV agreed to merge Urge into rival service Rhapsody, which became a joint
  • devices were positioned as a direct competitor to Apple's iPhone, then available exclusively on AT&T, and proved extremely popular with Verizon customers. That prompted a much needed but short-lived turnaround

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