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  • after securing exclusive rights for several years to Apple's iPhone, before being overtaken by the newly created EE. The brand ventured into several smaller European markets in the 2000s, such as the
  • pistachio and a Magnum Kisses range including apple tart and creme brulee. These were introduced in the UK during 2013. Australia trialled Magnum Strawberry White Crumble in 2013. Several countries including
  • 2005 it joked that one line of smoothies contained apples, strawberries, bananas "and plump nuns". The UK's Trading Standards Authority promptly ordered the company either to remove that line or start
  • Pear, 2014 launch Citrus Edge, and 2015's Cloudy Apple. Foster's, Kronenbourg and Strongbow feature among the UK's top ten take-home brews. They are supported by Bulmers, the top-selling premium packaged
  • It has a similar arrangement for sparkling apple juice Appletiser (actually owned by a subsidiary of SABMiller) and energy drink Monster. In 2012, CCE developed and manufactured a new fruit-based soda
  • She stepped down in May 2014 to join Apple, and was succeeded as CEO by Christopher Bailey, already chief creative officer overseeing all aspects of design from apparel to store layout. Following a decline
  • By 1994, following the introduction of Apple Tango, the brand was selling more than nine cans every second, and had become one of the country's top five carbonated soft drinks. Tango Blackcurrant was
  • widget it launched on behalf of Carling to be played on Apple's iPhone. The agency was sued by an American company, which claimed that it was a direct copy of its own application. Last full revision
  • Panasonic's VCR, Apple's Mac and iPhone or Samsung's Galaxy. The one possible exception is the Philishave, still the world's best-selling electric shaver. However that brand was first introduced over
  • New flavours for 2011 were Wild Tea and Orient Apple and there were several special branded editions featuring designer bottles, including Absolut Brooklyn in a collaboration with filmmaker Spike Lee.

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