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  • Apple and low-cost Chinese manufacturers. Sony Mobile adopted its current name following the buyout in 2012 by Sony of what had previously been Sony Ericsson, a joint venture with the Swedish tech developer
  • after securing exclusive rights for several years to Apple's iPhone, before being overtaken by the newly created EE. The brand ventured into several smaller European markets in the 2000s, such as the
  • apple and dark fruits. Various other spin-offs have come and gone in recent years, including Carling Fruit Coolers and Carling Zest. Coors Light sits some distance behind Carling. Its sales have soared
  • Beats was eventually acquired by Apple instead). HTC was founded in 1997 as High Tech Computer Corporation primarily to make private label handsets for wireless service providers. Co-founder Cher Wang
  • but these still lag far behind leaders Apple and Samsung. It has introduced a range of supporting services, such as its own cloud storage facility. The business was founded in 1976 by Taiwanese entrepreneur
  • Tencent ($7.2bn) Apple ($3.2bn) Sony ($6.0bn) Google ($2.6bn) Microsoft ($5.0bn) King Digital ($2.3bn) EA ($4.5bn) Nintendo ($2.1bn) Activision Blizzard ($4.4bn) Ubisoft ($1.8bn)
  • Apple ($4.4bn) ¬†King ($2.0bn)* Source: NewZoo *King acquired by Activision in 2016 The Top Online US Publishers in 2016 by visitors Google sites (242m visitors) ¬†ComCast / NBC Universal (158m)
  • Xiaomi 46.5m units 13.1% share Apple 191.1m units 13.9% share Apple 41.6m units 11.8% share Xiaomi 125.6m units 9.2% share Vivo 31.5m units 8.9% share Oppo 114.3m units 8.3% share Others 101.
  • Australian Apples Australia creative n/s Ikon University of Queensland Australia creative n/s Ogilvy BBDO Murdoch University Australia creative n/s J Walter Thompson Women's Equality
  • challenging even arch-rival Apple as the leading pace-setter. In many ways, it has been to the early 21st Century what Sony was in the late 20th, but has far surpassed the Japanese company's achievements.

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