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  • and the much-quoted story about apples (see below). The network's new business performance is generally solid though not perhaps spectacular; in 2011 it captured the US Sprint Nextel account, one of
  • Mini Max, Apple Jacks, Froot Loops, Corn Pops and Sucrilhos (in Latin America) and more. Local brands include Smacks in several European markets, and Toppas. New brand Tresor launched originally in France
  • In another break with the past, Apple, for whom IBM had produced the PowerPC processors which for many years formed the basis of desktop Macintosh computers, said it was switching this business to IBM'
  • HP and Compaq. In 2006, even Apple, long considered the traditional enemy of the Wintel pact, joined the group, switching suppliers from IBM to Intel. As a result of these close links, Intel has long
  • A new management team headed by former Apple Stores boss Ron Johnson launched a new promotional strategy for JCP in January 2012, but that approach proved disastrous and was abandoned a year later in
  • Initially HP said it would follow Apple and Dell into the music downloads market with plans to launch its own digital music player and MP3 service. Instead the company subsequently agreed a surprise alliance
  • announced his resignation at the beginning of 2016 to join Apple. Michael Houston was appointed as CEO, Grey North America in summer 2013 (from COO, Grey New York), and then elevated to global president
  • includes new consumer-oriented servies such as Marcus and Apple Card. Management Lloyd Blankfein succeeded Hank Paulson as chairman & CEO in 2006. In 2016, Goldman's president & COO Gary Cohn was selected
  • The well-known apple, grapes, gooseberries and leaves logo was first adopted (in a slightly more ornate form) in 1893 for the Chicago World's Fair. By 1902, the Knights controlled one of the biggest
  • grape, apple, strawberry, and many others (Japanese melon, lychee, vanilla cream, "birch beer"...) depending on local markets. Fanta Greenz, for example, a melon and lime variant, launched in France in

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