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  • Apple is preparing to launch a music streaming service to rival Spotify, Pandora, Deezer and others. The company's iTunes radio service, introduced last year, has been largely disregarded by consumers
  • Make Movies Like The Movies". Apple makes another bid to establish iPhone as the new go-to tool for moviemakers on a budget with this entertaining spot from star director Kim Gehrig. Itself made on an
  • resignation to take up an as yet undisclosed role at Apple EMEA. He will depart in October. Current plans are that he will not be directly replaced. Instead, the local CEOs of Engine UK's three divisions
  • to 21.2% for HP. Dell, Apple, Acer and Asus retained their positions for the next four places. Total shipments were 348.8m units, representing the highest level since 2012. IDC said the figure would have
  • Apple "Memory" by Apple & TBWA\MAL >Mercedes-Benz "Never Stop Improving" by Antoni >BMW "Wonder Dad" by Wieden & Kennedy Shanghai >Taco Bell "Web of Fries II" by Deutsch Apple's marketing can
  • Avon "Overpromises" by Santo Buenos Aires Apple "Barbers" by TBWA\MAL & Apple SNCF "2h04" by Buzzman Sigh... young love... Here's a totally adorable spot from Havas-owned Rosapark for French
  • even if it feels just a bit like an Apple commercial. See it on our Facebook page. We're trying very hard to suppress our natural "yeah, right" reflex for this new ad from WPP's Team Air unit for Emirates
  • was shut out of deals to offer exclusive access to Apple's iPhone handset in key European markets, although it attempted unsuccessfully to challenge the deal agreed in Germany between Apple and T-Mobile.
  • Apple and Google retained the top two places and other digital disrupters continued their ascent up the charts at the expense of old-school brands. At valuations of $181bn and $142bn respectively, a gap
  • HP and Compaq. In 2006, even Apple, long considered the traditional enemy of the Wintel pact, joined the group, switching suppliers from IBM to Intel. As a result of these close links, Intel has long

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