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  • Dell also powered up, hitting 15.8%. Apple and Asus rounded out the top five. Global shipments declined almost 4% year-on-year to just under 68m units, though that figure was better than had been expected.
  • Apple is said to have abandoned efforts to create its own self-driving car, following strategy disagreements and supply chain challenges. According to Bloomberg, the company has shifted its focus instead
  • Next came Apple (appearing in 25 movies, though mostly less high-profile ones) and Ford (which appeared in more films than any other brand, but more fleetingly than the top three). Rounding out the Top
  • In another break with the past, Apple, for whom IBM had produced the PowerPC processors which for many years formed the basis of desktop Macintosh computers, said it was switching this business to IBM'
  • decline at 5th-ranked Apple and 11% among all other smaller manufacturers. Lenovo, though, saw a near-6% increase in shipments (as did #3 Dell), while HP was more or less flat. Acer in 4th place was up
  • No big surprise about the #1 spot: Apple's Phil Schiller topped the list for the 4th consecutive year. However the next two places went to new entrants, KFC's Kevin Hochman and Kevin Crull of Sprint,
  • the online music download sector in competition with Apple's iTunes, Napster and others; and also into mail order DVD rental and movie downloads. However it eventually quit that sector in 2008, handing
  • Several US stores house Apple stores-within-the-store, and the group was one of the first partners selected by Dell to begin store-based retail of its computers. The biggest rollout has been for stores
  • In June 2007, AT&T became Apple's exclusive partner for the launch of its new iPhone device, and it retained that contract for almost four years, giving it a significant lead over arch-rival Verizon among
  • while Lenovo overtook Apple for the #3 position. On a worldwide basis, Lenovo remained the #1 manufacturer with 20.1% share, to HP's 19.2%. In the US, Dell took 25.6% share to HP's 25.3%. Gartner's figures

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