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  • pushing past three-year champion Google and 2015 leader Apple, who took 3rd and 2nd place respectively. Microsoft held steady at #4 while Visa replaced Tencent in 5th place. The only new entry among the
  • Google Wallet and Apple Pay. See Financial & Insurance Sector index for other companies Advertising & marketing expense for Visa? See ranking of Declared Advertising Costs Key marketing decisionmakers
  • It also ramped up its attack on Apple, which has a similar arrangement with Ireland, commencing legal proceedings against that country for failing to implement an earlier order to reclaim €13bn in back
  • virtually overnight, by Apple's iPod. At the same time Samsung and LG usurped Sony's position in televisions and home entertainment appliances, myriad mobile phone manufacturers eviscerated the market
  • Apple has suspended sales of all products in that country as has Dell. US oil giant Exxon followed in the footsteps of BP and Shell in halting production in its joint venture with Rosneft and other companies
  • Dell, Apple and Asus rounded out the global top five, with Acer back to 6th place. Campbell Soup Company expanded its range with a deal to acquire smaller rival Pacific Foods, a maker of natural and
  • Tencent ($7.2bn) Apple ($3.2bn) Sony ($6.0bn) Google ($2.6bn) Microsoft ($5.0bn) King Digital ($2.3bn) EA ($4.5bn) Nintendo ($2.1bn) Activision Blizzard ($4.4bn) Ubisoft ($1.8bn)
  • to a lesser extent - by Apple's seasonal special featuring a sad-sack Frankenstein's monster. In the news this past week: Brands & Advertisers In a further development in US prosecutors' investigation
  • prompting Apple's share price to reach new record highs this week. The stock crossed $150 per share during Monday, topping $154 on Tuesday. Though it has fallen back slightly since then, total market
  • Dell remains 3rd, while Apple showed the weakest year-on-year growth (of just 0.1%) in 4th place. Acer rounded out the top five, with Asus ranked 6th globally. The top six companies alone account for

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