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  • a key partner for Amazon's marketing services division. Also in 2017 the agency acquired a majority stake in another digital specialist, Pierry, which helps clients develop custom-built advertising platforms
  • Ecommerce rival Amazon, with no store estate to maintain, is another matter altogether of course). The group also faces a certain amount of competition in the US for better-off shoppers from its biggest
  • not least online giants like Amazon or eBay) would probably not exist had it not been for Visa's innovation. Despite high profile marketing battles against rivals Mastercard and American Express, Visa
  • Gamble, McDonalds or even Amazon. In this the US varies from many other countries, for example the UK, where the Government has until recently been among the top five advertisers. However the reason is
  • directly with Walmart and the rapidly growing threat from Amazon, Target announced a deal at the end of 2017 to acquire grocery delivery startup Shipt for $550m. Like Uber and similar services, it offers
  • business towards membership along similar lines to Amazon's Prime system or wholesale warehouses. Among the various projects under the Shop Your Way banner is the development of exclusive celebrity apparel
  • the latter a former VP of It launched as an online media agency, handling digital advertising strategy and buying for clients such as Microsoft, uBid and Gateway. Because the company initially
  • media attention won by streaming rivals Netflix and Amazon, Hulu achieved a startling and largely unexpected victory in 2017 when its first ever commissioned scripted series, The Handmaid's Tale, won
  • with Amazon emerging as the biggest threat to Macy's in the 2010s. As of January 2017, Macy's Inc managed an estate of 728 traditional department stores spread across 45 US states. It has closed more
  • Burnett also has a 35% stake in San Francisco's Amazon Advertising, which specialises in marketing to women. Also sitting under the Leo Burnett USA umbrella is multicultural agency Lapiz, which focuses

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