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  • but also a move to match prices against Amazon and other online sellers. The group has also shifted considerable resource into data analysis to identify customers' individual interests which can then
  • Virgin Atlantic and BMI airlines, and retailers and Combined revenues from consumer banking rose 9% in 2017 to $34.52bn, and net income jumped 14% to $8.21bn. More than half the
  • Amazon (6.9%), Lenovo (6.3%) and Huawei (5.6%). However, even as Apple's hardware business seemed to reach a plateau in 2016, its strength as a retailer of its own physical products, and perhaps more
  • Amazon (US) Profile subscribers click here for full profile Internet retailer Amazon claims to offer "Earth's Biggest Selection", a mammoth range of products which now goes far beyond books and music
  • that's still Amazon) but it's the most valuable by far with a market value of over $460bn by mid 2015. Yet Google's position at the top of the digital advertising tree is under threat from an even faster-
  • positioned as a direct rival to Netflix and Amazon's Lovefilm. According to Kantar Worldpanel figures, Tesco overtook HMV in summer 2013 to become the UK's second largest entertainment retailer, with
  • counter competition from streaming services Netflix and Amazon/Lovefilm. Sky Broadband & Mobile UK In addition to its satellite TV service, Sky has also pushed aggressively into other related areas.
  • Cailler chocolate is not bricks and mortar retail but Amazon, which is marketing the products in the US and Europe. It is also available through travel retail outlets. NestlĂ© retains a strong presence
  • wholesale operation with a similar arrangement to supply Amazon's newly launched UK groceries business. Morrisons has traditionally described itself as the UK's "no nonsense" supermarket retailer and
  • development and management of its e-commerce website to Amazon. The new service was launched with a fanfare in early 2007, and what the group now calls multi-channel sales have more than doubled since

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